´╗┐Rococo Chocolates is one of our favorite shops in London. Their handmade chocolate is absolutely exquisite, some of which is organic and fair trade originating from their own cocoa farm in Grenada — Grococo. Rococo’s confections range from truffles to drinking chocolate, Italian nougat to crystalized flower petals, and on and on. Our personal weaknesses, however, are the artisan bars and bee bars — in such flavors as Basil and Persian Lime Dark Chocolate, Orange and Geranium Dark Chocolate and seasonal offerings like Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Dark Chocolate. Almost too lovely to imagine. And then there is the packaging! Rococo’s owner, Chantal Coady, studied and trained in textile design. The motifs on her packaging come from antique chocolate mold catalogs and are artfully combined with gorgeous calligraphy and printed on beautiful, heavy paper. Her shops are just as delightful. Rococo Chocolates does not ship outside the UK but take a look at their website for a taste of this old world yet distinctly modern vibe and for planning a visit on your next trip to London.
Rococo Chocolates