I have two items in my wardrobe that, literally every time I wear them, people (strangers) ask me where I got them. They are my silver and gold wingtip brogues from Venice and my Warby Parker glasses. If you don’t already know Warby Parker, you most definitely should. They are a web-based prescription eyewear company with twelve showrooms and one mobile showroom in a retrofitted school bus currently traveling the U.S. If you can’t make it to one of these locations you can order up to five pairs of glasses, free of charge including shipping and return shipping, to try on at home. Its just so smart!

In their own words, “Warby Parker has updated and refreshed classic vintage eyewear styles.” They have. My particular pair, similar to what is pictured above, is the Huxley in Crystal — a limited-edition style/color combination no longer available. All of the glasses are just $95.00 or $125.00 for those of us needing high index lenses. You can even buy a monocle! But the best part of Warby Parker has to be that for every pair of glasses you buy, they give a pair to someone in need. Watch this great video about this great program.