Mineral baths, still commonly known as “taking the cure”, have been a health and wellness tradition for hundreds of years. They are believed to not only boost the immune system but also increase the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. It seemingly has a lot to do with the water’s high number of negative ions, which make us happy. The mineral content increases our blood circulation, which encourages toxins to leave the body at a quicker rate. It is also thought to care for our organs and ultimately our general well-being. This is my favorite time of year for mineral baths for the purpose of caring for dry winter skin. Although you could make a pilgrimage to one of a number of mineral springs in Europe, Asia or the United Kingdom, a closer alternative is the Roosevelt Baths and Spa, located three hours north of New York City in Saratoga Springs. A destination for mineral springs since the early 19th century for both drinking and bathing, it was in 1929 that Franklin D. Roosevelt initiated the creation of the Roosevelt Bath Houses. Now in the 21st century, the Roosevelt Baths and Spa has been named a Top 10 New York State Green Destination.