Like many of us out there, I often gravitate toward mid-century modern furniture. I don’t want (or have) an entire house full of it, but there are certain pieces and designers that I covet — like Norman Cherner’s molded plywood Armchair. I love it. It was designed in 1958 and manufactured by Plycraft until the early 1970s. I find such beauty in the proportion and material of this chair, and especially in its sculptural nature. It is now manufactured by Cherner Chair Company, run by his architect/designer son Benjamin Cherner. In addition to his housing and furniture design work, Norman Cherner taught industrial design at Columbia University and lectured at the Museum of Modern Art. And he wrote four books over the course of his career. I own a wonderful first edition of How to Build Children’s Toys and Furniture (McGraw-Hill, 1954) that is full of Cherner’s drawings of modern room settings and toy and furniture designs and also photographs of Cherner himself making said designs. It is fantastic.