We were down at Battery Park all day on Monday — arguably the most beautiful spring day we have had yet — working on the Soho Rep Spring Gala. Adjacent to the event venue is the Battery Urban Farm, a very cool and very magnificent one acre community garden. Shaped like a turkey (a nod to Zelda who has called Battery Park home for the last decade) it is surrounded by a tremendous bamboo fence designed by Scott Dougan who also conceived and created the farm itself. Best of all, the bamboo poles were donated by artists Doug and Mike Starn and repurposed from their 2010 installation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Roof Garden: Big BambĂș. In their second growing season last year, Battery Urban Farm educated over 600 volunteers and 1,800 students from 30 schools on sustainable and organic farming, more than doubling their outreach from the first season, and supplied produce to 2 downtown public school cafeterias. And they continue to grow!  
A great Earth Day celebration is planned at the Battery Urban Farm next Saturday, April 20 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Check out their website for more information about the farm and ways to get involved: