I recently watched What Maisie Knew (having missed it while it was in theaters in the spring), a contemporary and quite good adaptation of Henry James’ novel of the same name. For some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about it and so felt compelled to read the book as well. Although the filmmakers describe it as a reimagining of the novel, which it definitely is, some of the most striking subtleties are in place. It makes complete sense to make a modern-day retelling of this very modern late 19th-century work. It is heartbreaking for sure, especially on film, and especially with a rather exceptional cast that includes Julianne Moore, Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd, Steve Coogan and Joanna Vanderham. But the very best part of What Maisie Knew, all of the beauty and earnestness and perfect nuances, exist in the brilliant performance of Onata Aprile as Maisie. Quite unbelievable actually.